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Creating a better you . . . . .

Most prospective clients are curious and ask how their hypnotherapy sessions will work. There are no absolute formulas. Every client comes in with individual issues and particular needs and desires, and thus receives personalised care.

Unlike the procedures you may find at some clinics, you will never be asked to watch videos or listen to audio tapes in your office sessions; you will always see and work with me personally.

It is also very much a partnership; we work together to get you the results you’re seeking, and I employ the powerful process of hypnosis to ensure you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

Your first office session will be scheduled for about sixty minutes. We’ll begin by discussing your personal situation and what you want to accomplish. You will learn all about hypnosis; how it works and what it feels like.

I help you become very comfortable with the process of entering and experiencing hypnosis. You will find that hypnosis is extremely relaxing, refreshing, and energizing, and you will feel a change in yourself after the very first session.

Subsequent sessions are usually scheduled for approximately forty five to sixty minutes and we usually will plan to meet once a week at the outset of your program.

Each session consists of an initial discussion, reviewing your progress, and exploring any developments arising since your last session, all of which helps guide our therapeutic strategy.

As you progress, we will also adjust the frequency of your sessions as appropriate.
When you have attained your goals, usually pretty quickly, we’ll conclude your therapy. Some clients then choose to continue working, perhaps on other issues.

What guarantees can be given?

I can assist you to create a state of mind that will support the positive changes you want.

To achieve this requires two essential ingredients;

  1. A willingness to co-operate and ‘run’ with the process.
  2. That you are self motivated to change.


Changing your life does not have to be
frustrating or painful.
A better YOU is just a phone call away.



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