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The key to lasting change is to establish alignment between your conscious mind (where your desires for change from) and your subconscious mind (the source of your emotions and behavioural patterns).

Hypnosis is the powerful catalysts for creating that alignment.

At Positive Change Hypnotherapy I use what is commonly known as a 'progressive relaxation' method which is a very gentle and incredibly effective way of helping people to relax at their own pace.

I use this relaxation and the phenomena of hypnosis in two different ways depending on each client’s needs.

In what is called 'Suggestion Therapy', hypnosis is combined with positive suggestions to bring about immediate change and benefits for symptoms such as stopping smoking and weight reduction.

In 'Analytical Therapy', using hypnosis in these sessions allows the client to uncover the source of his or her subconscious resistance to suggestions for change. This involves further relaxation and the client feeling very comfortable whilst talking about their experiences. This aids the release of bottled up emotions and perceptions, releasing the symptoms and leading to new understandings.


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